UN: ‘Credible’ reports of Afghan civilians killed in air strike

In a strategy aimed at forcing the Taliban to accept peace talks, air raids in Afghanistan spiked steeply this year with the number of bombs dropped by the US air force almost doubling in the first six months to nearly 3,000.

UNAMA’s data shows a jump of 52 percent in the number of civilians killed or wounded in air attacks in the first half of the year.

The UN said 149 civilians were killed and 204 wounded during the period, with women and children comprising more than half the 353 casualties.

Since the figures were reported in July, the UN said it had recorded increasing numbers of civilian casualties from air strikes.

The Afghan air force was responsible for 52 percent of the casualties, UNAMA said, while “international military forces” accounted for 45 percent.

The US, which has been at war in Afghanistan for nearly 17 years, is the only international force known to conduct air raids in the country.

UN: ‘Credible’ reports of Afghan civilians killed in air strike Aljazeera

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