Catalan separatists clash with police as tensions mount

More than a dozen people were injured in Barcelona on Saturday after Catalan separatists clashed with riot police and engaged in a showdown with rival protesters. The violence reportedly erupted after police formed a barrier around a rally by Catalan separatists demonstrating ahead of the one-year anniversary of the region’s referendum on secession, which ended in arrests and bloodshed last year. Protesters responded by hurling eggs, paint, and colored powder at police officers, leaving their uniforms and vehicles coated in bright colors. Catalan separatists also reportedly tried to enter a main square where a competing rally was underway for supporters of the Spanish police, yelling, “Get out of here, fascists!” and “Independence!” Witnesses reported seeing numerous fights break out between separatists and demonstrators supporting the police, with some police sympathizers reportedly chased into a nearby police station. At least six people were arrested and 14 were injured, authorities said.

Catalan separatists clash with police as tensions mount AP

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