Remastered version of 1980 film on CIA – “On Company Business” – available on-line

From Kim Scipes:

There is a new version of a 1980 film on the CIA called “On Company Business” that is now posted at It is a history of the CIA told by men and one woman who have worked for the CIA and later turned against it. There is a lot of amazing real-time video included. I have heard about this for years, but never found a copy, so I watched it for the first time today. It is, in my opinion, something that every American and every progressive person in the world should watch. It is long–almost 3 hours–and has been put in three sections. I know–from years of my own research–about a lot of these things; I’ve read books by these people and even met John Stockwell one time back in the 1980s. As a former Marine sergeant who turned around while on active duty (1969-73); as author of “AFL-CIO’s Secret War on Developing Country Workers” (Lexington Books, 2010) with many years of researching and writing on these events; and currently as a Professor of Sociology at Purdue University Northwest in Westville, Indiana, I think this is an incredible video, and well worth your time to watch. Please spread this message widely! And watch the video!

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